IEP 5 Resources That Provide Help Now

School is about to start and you need answers about your child’s IEP now.

It’s a confusing mess out there right now, so let’s talk about where you can find help fast.

Individuals with Disabilities Act which guides the national IEP services, does not lay out how services need to be provided during a prolonged school shut down.

  • Family friendly resource library
  • Bimonthly newsletter
  • Social media posts
  • Online Learning Resource
  • Who Knows What Parent Directory
  • Video resource library


I highly recommend printing these sheets out for your upcoming school year.  Free.  

A Day In Our Shoes

LOADS of Autism Resources Financial aid, National resources, Autism Apps, Diagnosis helper and so much more!!


Fabulous step by step explanation of the IEP and everything required. Informative and easy to use.

Wright's Law

This is a special education legal site.  Don't let that scare you though!    You have access to so much important information.


You'll be glad you stopped in here!  Resources, diet, mentors, support, IEP information.  

Are you looking for more Back To School resources?

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