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A New Autism Diagnosis And A Solid Foundation


Mom’s have a 6th sense.  You know the one I mean, it almost feels psychic?

autism new diagnosis

Maybe you have other kids and you just can’t put your finger on how this child is different.

Or you just have a feeling in your gut that your child isn’t connecting with you or seems to be in his own little world.

You take the next steps and ask your doctor for a referral and you begin a journey that involves waiting and testing and more waiting.  

New Autism Diagnosis

The day finally arrives when you go to the doctors office for results.

The testing shows that your child is on the Autism Spectrum.  Did you already suspect this news?  Was this diagnosis a complete surprise?

Your head is full of questions and your heart is full of emotion.  Let’s talk about where to start with the best next steps to take now.


Before I give you the first 5 steps to take, I want to tell you the most important piece of information that you are going to hear.

An autism diagnosis means that your child looks at the world through a different lens and often times interacts with people differently than you might.  He is your child, your baby your heart. 

A diagnosis provides information about how your child views and approaches communication, relationships and helps us understand the way he looks at the world.

But, your relationship, your love of this child of yours does not change…ever.

Let’s take some time to look at 5 important steps to take right now to create a solid foundation for you to build upon.



Apply For Early Intervention Services


Go now.  Research shows the sooner early intervention starts for kids with autism, the greater the progress and results.  A child’s mind is still forming and this is the time to intervene for the greatest outcome!

Use the state to state intervention finder to access this resource in your area. 

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center

Additional Resources on Early Intervention

Autism Speaks:  Early Intervention Offices by state

Building The Legacy:  IDEA 2004

Center For Parent Information and Resources

Apply at the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) in your state.  

BDDS provides assists individuals in receiving community supports and residential service.

They use a person-centered plan to help determine what services they need and who can best provide them.  

Multiple services offered.  There will be a waiting list so apply today.

Below is a click your state office finder.

National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services 

If your child is 3-22 years old, inform the school that he/she has an autism diagnosis and will need an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). 

 The school will require a physician to confirm this diagnosis. 

The IEP will provide educational support and tailored help for your child in the classroom and school.


Individualized Education

Find A
Pediatrician In
Your Area

Developmental pediatricians are experts in the management of autistic spectrum disorders and developmental delays.

These doctors help manage many other developmental and behavioral issues.

You can check this resource to start your search for a provider.

Start A Behavior Notebook

Jot down any behavior you notice and the time, date and any triggers that may cause the behavior 

  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • Schedule Change

Take it with you to therapy and doctors appointments to help you and your provider see patterns of behavior.

new autism diagnosis

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