Here are 10 autism fall activities for you to try this season! The calendar pages have turned and we are in September! I have already had my first few pumpkin cold brews and we are talking about the Cedar Point Halloween Weekends around here.   One thing I’ve noticed for sure, the months fly by […]

A New Autism Diagnosis And A Solid Foundation A New Autism Diagnosis Mom’s have a 6th sense.  You know the one I mean, it almost feels psychic? Maybe you have other kids and you just can’t put your finger on how this child is different. Or you just have a feeling in your gut that […]

IEP 5 Resources That Provide Help Now School is about to start and you need answers about your child’s IEP now. It’s a confusing mess out there right now, so let’s talk about where you can find help fast. Individuals with Disabilities Act which guides the national IEP services, does not lay out how services […]

Back To School: Special Needs Education Choices States are starting to lay out their plans for school openings after closing down in March. Emotions are running high for both teachers and parents because there are so many safety issues around going back to school. We are going to lay some of the options for returning […]

Coronavirus and Masks Just when I thought I finally learned my lesson well, There was more to this than meets the eye And for all the things you taught me, only time will tell, If I’ll be able to survive, oh yeah 38 Special I was hoping 2020 wouldn’t come to this. It’s been a […]

Myrtle Beach Autism-Friendly Vacation This week we continue our autism vacation series with a loved and cherished vacation spot, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Check out our link to view our first week in the series Autism on The Seas Myrtle Beach is the first autism-friendly travel destination. Autism mom, Becky Large, moved to Surfside Beach […]

Autism Friendly Vacation Series Just what is an Autism Travel Friendly Vacation and is it for you and your family? Each week throughout the summer we will be featuring one of many amazing autism-friendly vacation spots! Vacation and resort spots have realized the need to provide a fun, yet lower key experience for kids with […]

Do You Think You Have A Child With Sensory Processing Disorder?

Brave How Big Is Your Brave?  Raise your hand if your child has ever been super scared to try something new. You know what I’m talking about, moms. Your child begged you for those dance or soccer lessons. Yet, when you tried to get that very same kid out the door for the first lesson, […]

Autism Haircuts 5 Ultra Easy Steps Autism Haircut Tips Let’s face it. Haircuts cause stress.  Pre-plan One week before the haircut is scheduled, put the pre-chosen date and time on your child’s weekly calendar.  Pick a reminder time each day for a quick 1-3 minute conversation about the upcoming haircut. Visual planners are amazing because […]

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