Autism Symptoms: Cracking The Autism Code

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I’m gonna drop some truth on you about autism symptoms.

Only one person on this planet has a super soul attachment to your child. That gut-level understanding, spoken or unspoken, of your child’s truth.

It’s you, mom.

Supernatural The Mom Connection

Let me give you an example. 2 years ago on Christmas Eve, my kids were all gathered for our Christmas celebration. As the night ended and my kids were heading out, I looked at my youngest son and said, “I want you to be really careful driving tonight.”

He said, “Mom, I’m a good driver and smiled at me and left.”

Now I will never tell you that I’m in any way psychic. I don’t have visions of events or the future at all. But this night and this night only, I had a flash of this child in a car accident.

Two hours later I got a call from my oldest son Alex, that Peyton was in the hospital. You guessed it, he had been in a very bad car accident.

Trust it.

Believe it.

Live it.

You have grown and nurtured this child since day 1. No one has the connection that you have to this kid. Other people are important in his life, it’s true, but only you have the mom powers.

If you notice any of these symptoms and just have a feeling, then it’s time to do some further checking.

Autism Symptoms Checklist

  1. Lack of eye contact
  2. Narrow focus or interests
  3. Speech delay or not speaking
  4. Lack of interests in other kids (this is more appropriate for kids older than toddlers)
  5. Doesn’t enjoy being held or cuddled
  6. Rocking, flapping or some type of repetitive behavior

Eye Contact

Toddlers are busy. I have an 11-month-old granddaughter and she has a lot to do besides gaze into my eyes. What does this mean then? Are you able to get your child’s eye gaze long enough to make meaningful contact? Do you get a return smile before they toddle off? If you offer a snack, do you get a look of understanding or is your child in their own world not making sense of your interaction.

Narrow Focus

Have you ever bought your toddler a really cool toy and you are so excited to see their reaction? And then, they end up loving the box : { The box. Narrow focus is a little bit like that. If the toy is a doll, the focus is the shoe. Maybe they focus on a bike wheel instead of a bike. They see a part, instead of a whole.

Speech Delay Or Lack Of Speech

Up to 40% of kids with autism don’t speak. The kids who do may struggle using speech to actually communicate. Reading and writing may be big autism symptom red flags. Even more important, if the child can read, they may not really understand even though they can decode each word.

Lack Of Interest In Social Interaction

The keyword is age-appropriate.

For instance……..

Shows less interest in other kids than other 3-year-olds

Shows less interest in his parents than other 3-year-olds.

I want to encourage you to compare your child on a developmental level. In general, I am not a fan of comparing kids, but when we look at the whole group of 3-year-olds, we can get information that is useful.


Think of it this way. When he is tired or hurt or just wants love, no matter how brief, will he accept love and comfort? Will he return the love to you? You are looking for a genuine connection where you give and receive affection.

Rocking, Flapping, and Repetition

Kids with autism often times have an uncontrolled repetitive behavior that helps regulate their nervous systems. These autism symptoms might look like rocking back and forth, flapping hands, or commonly, lining up objects such as toys

You Are The CEO In Charge Of Healthcare

This is the part where you take all of your ideas, thoughts, notes, etc. and find a great medical professional. You need someone who is willing to be a partner with you to help find answers and solutions.

By partner I mean, a professional who listens to your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and sees you as the expert you are on your child’s health.

You have a role as mom.

They have a role as doctor.

Both equally important.

I recommend starting with these medical professionals:

Developmental Pediatrician

Child Neurologist

Pediatric Psychiatrist or Psychologist

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