10 Hot Autism Summer Activities

Start With A Book

Check out this summer reading resource site for kids.  Books, toolkits, summer science, reading and writing.

Make sure to sign up for your local libraries summer reading program.   They are free and lots of fun!

Here is a state to state list of special needs swimming lessons.  Swimming calms sensory overloads, is great therapy for all muscles and e

20 yoga adventures across 5 different lands.

Sign up and get your free check off map!

There are a few Certified Autism Center Zoos around the U.S.  If you can’t get to one of these, ask your local zoo about sensory days and sensory kits that might be available.

Pick up a sensory guide at the front desk and watch for sensory days.  Check out the Wooded Wonder for a calmer experience.  Sensory events available throughout the year.


Be sure and find museums close to home to explore and enjoy!

Cool and quiet inside while you and your family enjoy watching the aquatic world.  

Check at the entrance for sensory friendly times and days.

Great crafts site provided by an Occupational Therapist.  Lots of sensory friendly projects to do at home.

Online interactive summer camp.  This is a great option for kids who are not ready for a live day camp or for families without access to a close summer camp.

See also  2 Hot Minutes: Autism History Quick Facts

Can’t get to Broadway?  No problem.  Stream these super popular musicals with Amazon Prime or other streaming apps.

Multiple fun activities provided for kids on the autism spectrum.

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