You Are A Priority

I know what you’re gonna say. In fact, you’re laughing over your coffee if you’re reading this first thing this morning. Show up for myself?

I’m a special needs parent.

I barely get any sleep.

My shower is my sanctuary.

Driving is the only time I get to sit down all day.

So stop with the dream that I get some “me” time.


Alright, fair enough. How about a story. Let me tell you  about me for a minute, and if you can go grab yourself a latte.


So , I’m a first child, type A, driven to succeed. I get laser focused on goals and achieving them. It’s simply in my personality. 

I work full-time as a nurse.   My 4 kids, although in their late teens and early 20’s, still need me in a lot of ways.

After I get done working and helping my kids, I work on my blog.    


In December, I burned out and didn’t touch my blog for 2 months. My life looked like this;

Go to work, be a mom, come home and work on my blog. Repeat.

Show Up For Yourself

In blogging we hear the phrase “show up for your readers.” I wasn’t ‘showing up” for myself though. I completely lost balance in my life.

My life consisted of work and more work. I had not given myself any room for things I love to do, or honestly just needed to keep me healthy.

We all have a need for healthy balance. When we consistently live lopsided, eventually something gives out.

Think of your tires on your car. When one of those tires bears more than it’s fair share of weight, it wears badly and then blows.

Showing up for yourself is one of those trending terms.

Its another way of saying your needs, wants, dreams and desires matter too.

Let’s do a check-in on these 4 core areas and see how balanced we really are.

Family & Friends

So, I’m talking about more than a text or DM while you are multitasking. When is the last time you made actual plans and kept them?



If possible, pick a date for a weekend meal. My kids are in their early 20’s, so they are busy with jobs and life. We do try to plan a weekend meal about once a month.


We aren’t formal or fancy, we don’t have a dress code because this time is about connecting. We just want you there.

If birthdays or holidays are coming up, we celebrate those days while we are together.

Excercise & Hobbies

I love to walk, but I live in a state with lots of snow.   So, I go to Planet Fitness a few times a week and the price is right.

You deserve to feel good in your body.  

Get your endorphins flowing and see how much of a difference even a small workout can feel.


Do  you have a hobby you have put away for awhile?  Consider making some room in your week for a girl’s night out, wine and painting or a class you have always wanted to take.



Nourish and nurture yourself with good food.  We are so blessed to have access on the internet and in our libraries to amazing recipes.  From super simple recipes to all varieties of specialty foods.

Don’t feel like cooking?   Grab some delicious take out and make a peaceful night for yourself! 


Our society is a little bit addicted to being busy.  





These are all positive parts of our lives.  Connecting with others is fun and we create great memories.  

I’m just sayin know when your mind and body have had enough.  Recognize when you need to disconnect and have some down time.  

Relax by the pool

Grab a book or magazine

Tap a nap

Keep your schedule wide open for a whole day

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