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Apps: K-4 Crazy Fun Play To Learn Computer Games

Let’s face it. The last couple of generations can run circles around anyone from the 80’s and younger when it comes to computers. When I am stuck on a computer issue I call one of my kids to fix it : )

Computer programs get more amazing all the time!

Autism Apps

Best Apps For kids

I love this whole page.   Learning should be fun and engaging!  And it is when you use puzzles, games and e-book with high interest and high entertainment!


Interactive games for pre-k-3rd grade.  Reading, language arts and math skills.  Highly engaging and useful for all areas of special education, including autism.

The Monster At The End Of This Book

Sesame Street!   Reading, critical thinking skills and fun with these furry friends!

Paint, Sparkles, Draw

Coloring app.  Freedom to create without rules.  Fun.

My Playhome

An online dollhouse with moveable parts and lots of fun.

Model Me Going Places 2

Model Me Going Places™ is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slideshow of children modeling appropriate behavior.


Hundreds of educational games for kids with disabilities. Wonderful resource for non-verbal kids and verbal kids to advance their language skills.


App with picture only, picture and text, and keyboard options for message formulation. The voices available are a more natural sounding male, female adult or child and can be swapped for British or Indian accented English at no cost to the user.

Life 360: Find Family And Friends

An app that keeps family, friends and caregivers connected.

Endless Reader

Introduces site words for all readers.

Children With Autism: A Visual Schedule

Visual Schedule Creator App

Birdhouse For Autism

An app that keeps track of behaviors, health and daily living tasks.


Choiceworks is an app for helping children complete daily routines and tasks, understanding and controlling feelings to improve their patience

I Can Have Conversations With you

An app to help with social communication, language and thinking skills.


An app that allows you to set up visual reminders using preset or visual images.

Autism Therapy With MITA

Early intervention app for children with autism and language delays.

Sesame Street And Autism

Autism resources for kids and parents: Support, education, awareness and entertainment.

Smalltalk Aphasia & Smalltalk Common Phrases

Focused and effective video apps for practicing communication exercises.

BrainPop Featured Movie

Educational videos and quizzes

You Must Choose

You Must Choose is like the board game, Would You Rather? It is rated E for everyone


Encouraging people with autism to have fun and recognize and express emotions.

Isigns HD

Learning safety signs has never been so much fun!

Reading Rockets Storykit

Instantly create eBooks or change the endings to popular stories

Dragon Dictation

Easy to use voice recognition app. Speak and see your textor email messages.

Autism Test

This is a good screening app for autism.

IEP Checklist

IEP Checklist offers a quick reference to the laws and can be accessed quickly

Feed Me

Feed the monster the correct food and unlock trophies. Feed the monster the wrong item and he might get sick.

Mazefinger Plus

Lightening fast mazes that help with eye-hand coordination and visual perception


Twister for your fingers

Lego Tower

Build and collect minifigures

ABA Flashcards

Foster the mastery of new words, build vocabulary and convey new conceps

I Hear Ewe

Identify animal and vehicle sounds

Autism 360

Autism apps resource page full of paid and free autism apps

Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine list of autism apps to try

Apple App Store

A list of autism apps available from the Apple Store

Blue Hope

NEW Video resources for autism spectrum disorder


Visual guides that assist people with activities of daily living

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