About Me

Welcome to the about me section.  Hi, I’m Betsy!  Mom of four kids, four fur babies, a Registered Nurse, a special education teacher, and an autism resources blogger.

Either you or someone in your life is living with someone on the autism spectrum. You need help and answers.  Maybe this condition is brand new or you have lived with managing your condition for a while now.  We are here to help.

Being diagnosed and living with autism is overwhelming at first especially while you transition into a new normal way of living.  The internet is full of useful information and facts but sometimes we don’t even know what disability resources are available, so how do we search for them?

You need resources about your condition available now and all in one place.  You need to know where to connect for information and where to find doctors, hospitals, support groups, free services, other parents or people with the same concerns, HOPE and more!

About Me As A Mom

I have four kids, the oldest and youngest are girls which leaves the boys in the middle, who are now 21, 19, 17 &16.   When my third child was born something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was and neither could his doctors.

In fact, the next four years of his life were spent trying to find out answers to a set of symptoms that were very confusing and frustrating.  He was finally diagnosed after four years with a life-threatening illness that has no cure at this time called Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

I’m happy to say that he is quite healthy now and doing so much better than when he was younger.  It was this experience with my child along with my years as a special education teacher in high school and now as a Registered Nurse that has brought me to the heart of this blog:   Helping people find great resources for autism.


I want to help you with the frustration and helplessness of wanting autism resources, but not finding what you need.  I understand being overwhelmed by a medical condition with so many facets that you don’t even know what kind of help you need, what is available or where to find it. When you are here we are going to point you in the right direction with the best autism resources available. Watch for articles, product recommendations, support, and more.



Autism Resources To Use Now

Autism Speaks

National Autism Resources

Awaare Collaboration

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